My lovely home, Gifu has the best material for my creation.
“Mino washi”, designated as a National Important Intangible Cultural Property, is both a traditional Japanese handmade paper and a Japanese traditional craft created in Gifu, Japan having a history of over 1300 years. In 2014, Mino washi was inscribed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
Mino washi is the one that I sought as the ultimate paper and it is the vital element to embody the ideal of my art to bridge between Japanese culture and graffiti art.
The Mino washi which I use for my works of art is made by hand at “Minotake KAMI Studio” (美濃竹紙工房).
National Important Intangible Cultural Propery / UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Hon Mino Shi “Hon Minoshi”

国指定重要無形文化財 / ユネスコ無形文化遺産 本美濃紙